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Moss Removal

Moss can quickly accumulate on any type of roof. If left unchecked, rot and moisture can quickly compromise roof structures like shingles. On shingle roofs, moss can actually cause the shingles to rise up from each other. With these new gaps made, water is able to seep into the decking of the roof and cause leaks, which could potentially ruin your home.

Furthermore, with moss raising the shingles, this can cause them to fall victim to a sail-like effect when heavy winds blow, ripping the shingles straight off your roof. This means your roof can leak for months before you notice it, causing widespread damage to your home's structure, walls, sheetrock, and possessions. The best way to avoid this scenario is with regularly scheduled roof moss removal.

Gleaming Glass saves you time, money, and energy with effective moss removal services for your home or business. If you're in the Spokane metro area and need your moss removed, we've got you covered. We provide our customers with an experience and quality of work that is above and beyond your expectations. As a local moss removal company, you benefit by knowing you're dealing with top-notch Spokane area professionals.

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